HeadsUp work with Essex Businesses

The addition of real life advice and experience from employers is invaluable to HeadsUp. Participants are being supported to make positive changes to their lives, and businesses can help to put these changes into practice by working with us to secure work experience and employment opportunities.

Here’s our Employer Engagement manager to explain more


How Participants Engage with Employers

HeadsUp has a member of staff who is building relationships with businesses and organisations in Essex and working with them to identify what they might do to support HeadsUp. We won’t ask too much as we know everyone’s time is precious, and we will make sure that the right participant is matched with the right business. When a participant is ready to take up an opportunity we will work with them to find the right one for them, make all the necessary introductions and keep in touch throughout the whole process.

What are the Benefits for Businesses?

Just a little time from businesses really can make all the difference to our participants so please do consider supporting HeadsUp. There is of course a sense of pride in being able to help people improve their lives and there is always the possibility that you will find a fantastic future employee!

There are also some great benefits to your business if you get involved as we are very happy to promote those that support HeadsUp on our website and social media platforms.

If you are an Essex based Business and want to get involved

Do contact us to find out more about HeadsUp

Tel: 01206 228624

Email: headsup@enableeast.org.uk