Enable East aims to address the genuine reasons why projects and initiatives in health and social care are often not as effective and successful as they should be. In our experience common problems with project delivery in health and social care include:

  • an absence of that magic combination of genuine subject expertise, effective project management capacity and a focused, positive attitude that is critical to project delivery
  • staff supporting projects who do not have the capacity or focus necessary to see the work through because they are trying to do the work alongside their other commitments
  • overcomplication of project and programme management methods, tools and techniques leading to an unnecessarily bureaucratic process that distracts from actually getting the work done
  • a complete absence of critical elements of project management due to a lack of confidence in applying effective project management in a healthcare environment
  • a failure to effectively facilitate senior engagement in the project to ensure that they continue to genuinely lead as the figurehead for the work but within the capacity that they have to do so

We also believe that organisations often struggle to maintain effective capacity to support delivery of projects and programmes. Our experience is that far too often organisations;

  • can end up with their overall employment liability mushrooming as they accumulate senior staff and administrators on short-term project funding
  • have full-time project managers working on what is essentially a part-time project with the remainder of their time being drawn into other organisational ‘noise’
  • have projects that continue to struggle with the wrong person in the job because of the complications involved in addressing those performance difficulties with an employee
  • lack a common and consistent approach across projects that fails to ensure that senior managers have proper oversight of delivery of projects that they are responsible for