Enable East People

The success of Enable East has only been possible thanks to the amazing people who work for us and with us. Here are some stories from just a handful of people who have helped make improvements actually happen.

SarahSarah's Story

I joined Enable East in 2012 as a graduate intern, and began by supporting both the team and associates through general business administration and project support.

Whilst I was unsure where I wanted my career to take me at this point, I was excited at the prospect of working for such a unique organisation and the possible opportunities within the vast variety of services Enable East provided. I had previously worked within clinical NHS environments, providing administration to a community hospital and medical staff, so this was a great further introduction into the processes and issues surrounding providing and improving health care.


Sharon-Rodie1Sharon's Story

Sharon has worked with Enable East as an associate for a number of years and has been involved in a wide range of projects, predominantly centred around her extensive skills and experience in social work. Here she tells us about a couple of projects which have stood out for her over the years.




John-RJohn's Story

John is a retired nurse having been a qualified nurse for 33 years. He has worked across all areas of nursing practice as a clinician, manager and trainer. The areas he has trained in include Equality & Diversity, Information Governance and Risk to name a few. He has also developed and delivered programs of development for staff working within General Practice. A firm believer that training should be fun, he has used a variety of approaches in delivering the subject matter to hand.


LesleyLesley's Story

Lesley worked as an Enable East associate within a charity to help oversee and manage a period of organisational change. Here she describes her experience.