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Information Governance

Informs and helps staff to understand their responsibilities in identifying and dealing with sensitive, person-identifiable data.


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In a risk analysis conducted by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), breach of confidentiality was found to be the highest risk to general practice. This course looks at real case scenarios and current cases to cover the essential elements of the NHS Information Governance Toolkit to help protect you, and your organisation.

It will help staff to take a fresh look at any adjustments to current practice which may help to maintain the required standards of confidentiality in your organisation.

Key Outcomes

  • Know how to ensure confidential data is handled effectively
  • Understand the definition of confidentiality
  • Understand why confidentiality is important
  • Know what to do if confidentiality is breached
  • Understand how to protect data: paper and electronic

Course Outline

  • The definition of confidentiality
  • How confidentiality can be breached
  • What constitutes patient identifiable information
  • Computer security
  • Loose corridor talk
  • Social networking situations
  • Why confidentiality is important
  • The 6 essential Caldicott principles
  • Disclosure of information within the law
  • Authorised use of passwords and smart cards
  • Unauthorised generation and issuing of repeat prescriptions
Key Points
  • Half Day Course