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Bounce! 'ed'

An exciting workshop which helps students develop skills in dealing with stress, increases their feeling of well-being and empowers them to be more resilient.


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The well-being of pupils is high on the agenda for all schools: ensuring healthy eating, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is effectively promoted to students is now part of the day to day design and delivery of the curriculum. Ofsted state that helping students to manage their feelings and be more resilient are indicators of a school’s contribution to well-being, and new and innovative ways of helping to develop these life skills are always being sought.

We know that being a young person is tough: navigating your way through school; making huge decisions about your future; dealing with relationships with friends and family; sitting exams – they can all contribute to making childhood a stressful time! Bounce! ‘ed’ will equip your students with the skills and understanding of how to deal with these stressors more effectively, and as a result improve their well-being and resilience.

Key Outcomes

  • Takes your students on a journey to explore what well-being is and what it means to them personally
  • Gives them an understanding of what they currently do well to maintain their well-being and what other things they could try to make it better
  • Development of a simple plan that will help them achieve a meaningful goal of their choosing towards improved well-being
  • Links your school up with local resources and organisations who provide further support and advice on well-being issues

Course Outline

  • Explore what well-being is and what it means to the individual
  • Examine different areas of the students’ lives and identify what they currently do well to maintain their well-being
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Develop a personal plan towards achieving a chosen goal aimed at improving well-being
  • Align these topics with students’ current challenges and experiences such as career choices, friendships and relationships with family


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Key Points
  • Two hour workshop with option to extend with Bounce! 'ed' Plus activities
  • We ensure that Bounce! 'ed' offers what your students need. We will work with you to tailor the workshop so it aligns with: school's well-being indicators; students' current PHSE curriculum; well-being focused modules; school targets; pastoral care
  • Receive the 'Bounce! Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Well-being' once 250 of your students have completed the programme
  • Receive certificates of attendance for all students who complete the Bounce! 'ed' programme - handy for their records of achievement