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Independent Clinical and Complaint Investigations

When you need to investigate and resolve an issue concerning an incident, complaint or grievance, Enable East has the experience to deliver an investigation which is focused, timely and comprehensive.

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Investigating a complaint thoroughly and fairly can be a strain on already stretched resources in-house. Enable East is able to carry out this essential and important role on your behalf, acting as an unbiased mediator throughout the process and providing you with a structured report of recommendations to aid resolution.

Talking to an external representative can allow individuals involved in the complaint to feel more comfortable in discussing their viewpoint. Enable East investigators are professional, focused and experienced in providing the organisation with a neutral-based view of the situation. All our investigations are carried out within the set policy parameters of the organisation we are providing the service for.


We can provide:

  • Clinicians with an external perspective and experience of conducting investigations
  • More than one perspective when it is desirable to separate different parts of an investigation around the same issue
  • Human Resources expertise if required

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"We are so grateful that you have done some sterling work in a short period of time to get us where we are now, which is in the position to be able to share a report that we are happy with. This report demonstrates that you are so clever to pick up a complicated issue in double-quick time. We would never have got to this point without your help."