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Specialist knowledge and expertise

We have specialist knowledge and experience of implementing change in organisations delivering complex services in health and social care. Our expertise spans sectors including mental health and acute care. We have developed bespoke service mapping and redesign tools which can assist in the analysis of current systems, and identify areas for improvement and streamlining.


Unique Care Pathway Mapping and Capacity Modelling Tools

Enable East has experience of mapping care pathways, working with stakeholders across all elements of the pathway to map the provision of care for patients. Our Care Pathway and Capacity Modelling Tools can be used online by you in partnership with our team.


Enable East can provide:

  • Skills and experience in engaging frontline clinical staff
  • Service mapping and redesign tools and techniques
  • Our Capacity Modelling Tool – an electronic tool that enables easy storage of detailed information in a dynamic form, accessible on any internet or intranet site without the need to invest in new software applications
  • A range of improvement tools and techniques including ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’
  • Specialist advice in operational service redesign by people with first hand experience of service delivery
  • A flexible approach to the management of significant redesign programmes that ensures effective leadership and governance of the process by appropriate senior leaders
  • Evaluation of service redesign: creating quality assurance dashboards to gather information around a series of indicators following the redesign phase. These evaluate whether improvements have been effective and identify areas that need further work

Case Studypage0001

The Smart Recovery programme at Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) aims to implement changes to working practices across the Trust. Enable East has provided support to the programme team at DPT to develop a document ‘An Introduction to SMART Recovery’ to inform staff about the planned changes and the thinking behind them. This innovative guide included the use of infographics and other diagrams to communicate key concepts to staff.

Case StudyJIG

Between 2011-2015, Enable East supported North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust with the Journeys programme – a radical redesign of community mental health services across three localities. Enable East supported every stage of the programme.

  • Our initial work was to undertake an initial baseline mapping of all community services and engagement of frontline staff in a thorough, clinically led analysis of the ‘Big Issues’ that service redesign should address
  • We supported locality taskforces to develop their ideas for new local service models and consult with external stakeholders on the proposed changes
  • Using our unique capacity planning tool, Enable East undertook a detailed analysis of clinical activity to ensure that resources in the new teams were distributed appropriately
  • A key priority throughout the programme was staff engagement. Enable East provided additional
  • resources to ensure regular communications about the programme – including locality newsletters and staff screensaver messages
  • We also worked with the trust workforce team to support the process of staff consultation
  • With final plans for the new services in place, Enable East provided project management to the implementation phase providing induction training for senior clinical staff and a comprehensive ‘Journeys Implementation Guide’ for the organisation
  • We continue to support the Trust post-implementation with a programme that ensures benefits realisation and an ongoing quality assurance process involving service users and carers

The programme was successful in implementing a radically redesigned service system, including more streamlined access to services and evidence based care treatment pathways. The new pathways have been awarded ‘Practice Development Status’ by Bournemouth University. The redesign also released significant financial savings and enhanced capability to move towards a cost and volume contract with local commissioners.


Key Points
  • Enable East is able to offer expert capacity and a range of innovative tools and resources to assist organisations taking forward significant change