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From complete service redesign, to support in conducting clinical reviews and investigations, our range of clinical support services offer a wide range of solutions.

Below is a list of all the clinical support services Enable East provides. Click on a title to view more information about each service. Alternatively you can view our entire Supporting Services brochure or call our team on 01206 287543.

Care Treatment Reviews

Care and Treatment Reviews (CTR) ensure that individuals get the right care, in the right place, ideally in the community and close to home.


Preparing for Inspection or Accreditation

Preparing for an external inspection can be a mammoth task for any organisation. You need commitment and buy-in from across the organisation to ensure a cohesive approach that demonstrates your organisation's strengths and how you are responding proactively to challenges.


Independent Clinical and Complaint Investigations

When you need to investigate and resolve an issue concerning an incident, complaint or grievance, Enable East has the experience to deliver an investigation which is focused, timely and comprehensive.


Service Reviews

Sometimes what you need is an independent perspective and a fresh pair of eyes. We can provide you with a range of review services, from whole systems to specific units - we have extensive experience in delivering reviews in a wide range of settings and situations.


Service Development and Redesign

Genuine service development and redesign can be a challenge for any organisation. Find out how our experience and expertise can help your organisation bring about effective change.