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A 'Journey' in transformational change

journeys-write-up1Learning from experience and analysing past performance is one of the key elements of Enable East’s commitment to continually learn and grow. A new case study has just been published which examines the Journeys programme: a significant transformation project involving hundreds of staff working together to implement a ground-breaking new way of working within the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.

The five-year programme delivered a major transformation of adult and older adult mental health services and was a journey of understanding issues, achieving clarity about intended outcomes, redefining standards and pathways, and engaging the hearts and minds of those frontline staff who would be pivotal in making changes actually happen.

Susannah Howard, Enable East Director and Journeys programme lead said: “The Journeys programme was definitely as much of a ‘journey’ for the project management team at Enable East as it was for those working in the community mental health services in the Trust. This case study tells the story of the programme, and how the project team became ever more resourceful over time in finding ways to respond to the challenges they faced.”

‘The Journeys Programme: A case study in transformational change’ includes a foreword from Professor David A. Shore, a world-leading authority in implementing large scale transformational change in healthcare organisations and who delivered several workshops to staff throughout the programme. He says that people “reflexively fear the new” and that “change is especially hard for people when the needed change is fundamental and far-reaching.” The overview document looks at the case for change, what the intended outcomes were and the processes and methodology used.

It is also honest in examining the real challenges faced by the project team and what this meant for the development and implementation of the project. One of the biggest factors was staff engagement – both early in the project to allow them to fully understand why change was necessary, and throughout as the changes were implemented and their working practices altered. The project team found it necessary to respond to significant emotional issues as the reality of service transformation, of working in different ways and sometimes in different teams, became more apparent.

Looking back over a project allows us to examine what contributed to the successes, and what could be done differently in the future to mitigate challenges faced previously. Although the Journeys programme inevitably had obstacles to overcome, the overall results provided significant benefits for the Trust. Waiting times are now almost halved, the CQC rated the new services as good in their August 2015 inspection with teams seen as being one of the strongest parts of the organisation, and there has been £1.8million of savings across the Trust.

Susannah sums up by saying: “whatever the change – change is hard. Transformational change is harder still. But we know that it is possible to make even transformational improvements actually happen and this Journeys programme overview provides some great insights into how this can be done in practice.”

If you would like a hard copy of ‘The Journeys Programme: A case study in transformational change’ please call 01206 228623 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To download a copy please click here

Helping to embed service user involvement in Trust culture

6204 EE DPT TOGETHER A5 Individual Pages 1Enable East has played an integral part in the development and implementation of an NHS Trust’s groundbreaking programme which aims to truly ensure that patients and carers are at the heart of everything the Trust does.

In line with NHS values, Devon Partnership Trust wanted to allow patients, families and carers to be involved in, and consulted on, all decisions about their care and treatment, supporting the people using the services to drive and shape them through developing a genuinely inclusive organisational culture and environment.

Led by Enable East, the process began in 2015 with a steering group of people with lived experience undertaking a review of the existing involvement within the Trust. The report found that while there were many examples of good practice, there were opportunities to do more.

The outcomes of the review helped shape the ‘Together’ delivery plan – outlining how the Trust would implement its plan to make their vision a reality. The ‘Together’ project brought all the various different dimensions of involvement into one simple yet powerful organisational commitment – for the Trust, its patients, families and carers to work together in everything they do.

Over the last year, practical steps have been taken to allow those with lived experience to really help shape the services offered by the Trust. A Together Delivery Group has been formed to implement the project throughout the Trust, with strong representation from people with lived experience, carers, user representative groups and staff. Enable East developed and published guide for staff based on best practice, to help them implement Together more effectively, and a handbook is being co-produced for people with lived experience who are working Together. We have supported with reviewing the Trust’s policies for payments to people working Together, and through the Delivery Group have explored best practice around the Trust. Examples of working Together are being recorded and displayed around the Trust so that everyone is able to see the commitment of staff and the extent of Together involvements locally.

Enable East has also ensured that the ethos of service user and carer involvement is embedded in the culture of the organisation through a series of workshops and training programmes. Together induction sessions have been held for operational and corporate staff, and more are planned. Staff have received training in approaches such as working collaboratively with patients and carers in the development of their own care plans, and there is now an annual award for ‘working Together’, in recognition of the achievements of both staff and the people with lived experience and carers that they work with.

Read more about Together here.

Lou 'Bounces' into action at Innovation in Education event

Leading-photoWe were delighted to be involved in the 'Innovation in Education' event in November, hosted by the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health and Research East of England (CLAHRC EoE) and the East of England Clinical Network at which we presented our energetic Bounce! 'ed' workshop.

The event wanted to bring together those who are working with children and young people across the East of England and give them the opportunity to explore ways in which to improve the well-being and resilience of the students in new and effective ways.

Bounce! 'ed' not only examines well-being and resilience in a fresh and innovative way, but the taster session that Lou delivered allowed a conversation among participants on how resources such as Bounce! 'ed' can be used within schools to inspire and empower children and young people to improve their well-being and resilience. Bounce! ‘ed’ challenges participants to really explore what they currently do well to maintain their well-being, providing them with a sense of ownership and responsibility to themselves.

Feedback from the taster workshop was fantastic with people saying:
"Would like to have a longer workshop! was fun :)",
"Very well presented and good fun!", thoroughly enjoyable - thanks!",
"Absolutely brilliant and would like to have a longer conversation and explore commissioning this."

We were delighted that Bounce! 'ed' provided such an energetic and engaging session for those taking part and we look forward to playing a part in building the resilience and well-being of young people in our region.

For more information on Bounce! 'ed', click here.

Enable East's 'Programme for Higher Performing Health Care Organisations' week wows once again

Harvard 2016"This was one of the best learning events I've attended for some considerable time."

"David was an outstanding, motivational and inspirational speaker."

"The information given was easy to implement and I am confident it will make a huge difference in our organisation."

These were just some of the amazing comments we received from those who had experienced a seminar run by Professor David Shore during our Programme for Higher Performing Healthcare Organisations week in November.

Each year we run this popular programme led by Professor Shore, renowned as a world leading authority on innovation and managing change initiatives. This year he presented on a range of topics including 'leading successful transformational change' and 'leadership within a higher performing service system'.

We had some fantastic feedback, such as 80% of those attending the Aspiring Directors event rating the seminar as 'excellent' and 89% of those at the Leading Successful Transformational seminar describing the content as 'very helpful'.

Enable East Director - New Role as STP Director

susannahhowardSusannah Howard, Enable East Director has recently begun a secondment to the role of STP Programme Director for the North East Essex and Suffolk STP. The role will see her play a key role in the leadership of the STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) for the NE Essex and Suffolk footprint over the next year.

STPs are five year plans which cover all aspects of NHS spending in England, with a total of 44 areas in England each developing their own plan.

STPs will demonstrate how local services will evolve and become sustainable over the next five years, ultimately delivering the Five Year Forward View vision for better health, better patient care and improved NHS efficiency.

Susannah will continue to be involved with Enable East as part the Enable East Management Board with support from Linda Glasby who will provide strategic leadership to the team as Associate Director of Enable East.

Introducing our new Knowledge Hub

Knowledge-graphic-with-logoEnable East is passionate about sharing our knowledge and best practice with our customers, placing a great emphasis on the learning and development of staff within organisations to help bring about positive change and improvements. We already offer support and practical advice through a range of services and products but we felt it was time to share this expertise in another way - small bitesize resources which share lessons learned, top tips and effective approaches to a range of topics and issues.

Introducing our brand new 'Knowledge Hub' - a collection of videos, resources and how-to-guides through which we share our knowledge and expertise with you, allowing you to pick up tips, explore different ways of approaching a task or discover how our experienced and skilled team could help you manage and deliver your project.

The hub will be growing all the time, with new topics being added regularly. We'd love to hear from you about topics you think we should cover so please do let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Our first two topics cover 'Preparing your staff for an external inspection' and 'Evaluating your project or service' and we hope that they provide an overview of two areas which are regular issues for our customers.

Consulting with the public about how key NHS services can be improved

IUC-infographicSMLHow can key local NHS services be improved? That's what we've been asking local people within mid, south and west Essex over the last few weeks as their CCGs seek to find out their views on how the NHS 111 and out-of-hours services in their areas could be improved.

As well as hosting a number of public engagement events, we also ran an online survey giving people the chance to share their experiences of calling NHS 111 or accessing out-of-hours services such as pharmacies or A&E. The CCGs are looking to work closer together to integrate services, make sure the patient 'journey' is smoother and more effective and bring a greater clinical expertise into the process.

We will be providing the CCGs with an overview of the public engagement element of their project which will then feed in to their report on proposed changes.

Enable East manages successful bid process

tertiary budgetssmThe ‘Five Year Forward View for Mental Health’ highlighted the opportunity for secondary mental health service providers to manage budgets for specialised services, to reduce fragmented commissioning and improve care pathways.

NHS Trusts across the South West were keen to pursue this, so Enable East initially wrote a discussion document to help them to consider how they could draw on their strengths and collaborate with each other to develop a future bid. When the tender for management of adult medium and low secure services was published, therefore, they were well placed to put together a partnership bid across the South West.

Within a timeframe of less than 3 weeks we helped to develop the bid by contributing to, editing and publishing the document. The bid was successful and the contract commenced in summer 2016.

The lead Trust said: 'a huge thank you to those of you who have been involved – it would not have been possible to have produced such a high quality document without your ongoing support, contribution and encouragement.’


Supporting transformational change in Essex hospitals

ESR brochures1In June 2015, mid and south Essex was designated ‘Success Regime’ status – one of three areas in the country where fundamental transformation of both in hospital and out of hospital services is needed if they are to continue to effectively serve the ever-growing health needs of the population. Here, Claire, one of our associates tells us how she went about managing the project.

The programme for complete system system transformation is huge and involves many different projects - from primary and community care workstreams to specialised hospital services. In October last year, I was approached by Enable East and asked if I would be involved as a project manager in the Vascular, Ear Nose and Throat and Interventional Radiology clinical workstreams.

The task: to get clinicians from the three hospitals of Basildon, Broomfield and Southend to talk together about their surgical specialty; identifying what already works well and what doesn’t, propose how their service could be improved by working more collaboratively and how their own service could be reconfigured across the three hospitals to improve quality, safety and patients’ experiences.


Extraordinary People in the spotlight

Horizon promo photoOn Tuesday June 7th Enable East were broadcast to the nation as part of the BBC Horizon programme, ‘Why are we getting so fat?’.

You’ll remember us telling you that our Extraordinary People programme was going to be featured on the show following filming with Dr Giles Yeo last December. The episode looked at the very wide range of factors that can affect someone’s weight, an approach that reflects the ethos of Extraordinary People – that we are all different and what works for one person may not work for the next.

Enable East Director Susannah Howard spoke to BBC Radio Essex on the afternoon of the day the show was being broadcast, engaging in a lively and timely debate with callers. Extraordinary People wants to get people talking – too often the voice of those suffering from obesity is not listened to, or even invited to join in the conversation. But these are the people who live with the reality of obesity and so their voice needs to be heard.

If you didn’t catch the programme you can download it from the BBC Store, it’s well worth a watch, and please do let us know what you think.

Follow Extraordinary People on Facebook, or visit the website.