There’s strength in numbers

We feel it’s important for you to have someone who’s been in the same position supporting and guiding you through the process of returning to work. You’ll work with a peer support worker (someone who has been in your shoes and have found their way back to work) who will help you brush up on your CV writing skills, assist you with looking for jobs and filling out application forms, and help you identify any training requirements you need to help you on your way.

But more than that, they’ll be a listening ear for you to talk through any concerns you have and can share some of their experiences with you so you know you’re not alone.

The support will last for as long as you need it – even once you’ve secured a job role, your peer mentor will continue to support you in sustaining the changes that you’ve made.

Boost your confidence

Along with the one-to-one support you will receive from your peer support worker, we are inviting you to attend three workshops, each designed to explore, understand and boost your mental well-being and resilience. These workshops are a crucial part of the HeadsUp programme because as well as benefitting from practical help with things like CV writing and applying for jobs, it’s also really important to work through how you feel about returning to work emotionally.

Your self-confidence may need a boost and you might find some of the exercises and discussions help you identify your personal strengths, and areas which might need a bit more focus. Led by extremely experienced trainers, the workshops are a chance for you to develop a personal plan that will support all the fantastic progress you’re making with your peer mentor.

Contact the team today

Call one of our delivery partners to start your journey back to work with HeadsUp. They’ll be able to help you set a time to come along for a cuppa and a chat to see how HeadsUp can help you get back to work.  To find your local HeadsUp team simply find the number on the map closest to where you live and give that organisation a call.

HeadsUp Contact Map

HeadsUp Basildon


T: 07880 035969

HeadsUp Colchester


T: 01206 861800

HeadsUp Tendring


T: 01255 688683



T: 01279 450299


Essex Partnership
Trust (EPUT)

T: 01206 334013