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HeadsUp – Who we are

HeadsUp provides support and advice to people in Essex with common mental health problems to help them get back into the workplace after a period of unemployment. HeadsUp is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

We know that the idea of returning to work after an absence can be really daunting. However, we believe that being in work or education can provide you with loads of amazing benefits such as a boost in self-confidence, purpose, an opportunity to make new friends and the chance to learn new skills.

We work with people who are out of work and suffer from common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. We work to develop self-confidence, resilience and well-being, as well as helping with the practical aspects of finding a job and making links with potential employers.

We know the first step is the hardest but we’re here to help

We don’t preach, we don’t judge, we just support and guide you through the process. And what’s more, the person who will be with you every step of the way has been in your shoes: our peer support workers have suffered from mental health problems and experienced unemployment themselves, meaning they can support you on your journey by drawing upon their own experiences.


Click on the play button for a quick overview of from one of our Peer Support Workers about how HeadsUp can help you on your journey back to work.

Boost your confidence with 1-2-1 support, workshops and links to employers

Along with the one-to-one support you will receive from your peer support worker, we are inviting you to attend three workshops, each designed to explore, understand and boost your mental well-being and resilience. These workshops are a crucial part of the HeadsUp programme because as well as benefitting from practical help with things like CV writing and applying for jobs, it’s also really important to work through how you feel about returning to work emotionally.

Your self-confidence may need a boost and you might find some of the exercises and discussions help you identify your personal strengths, and areas which might need a bit more focus. Led by extremely experienced trainers, the workshops are a chance for you to develop a personal plan that will support all the fantastic progress you’re making with your peer support worker.

Local businesses are also here to help! When you are ready you can work with a member of the HeadsUp team to consider if a work placement, site visit or simply a chat with an employer, might be of benefit to you.

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