Your Help... Become one of our Associates

Enable East has a very diverse portfolio of work and at any one time we could be delivering against almost a hundred different commercial contracts for our customers. This could include everything from interim project management support to perhaps helping bids and tenders, delivering against some of our major training contracts or providing flexible services such as facilitation or event management.

We maintain a register of at any one time around two hundred associates of whom around about 50 to 60 will be working with us actively to deliver services to our customers. What we're looking for are people who can combine not only credible experience working within the public sector, who are our main customers, but also have the kind of personal skills, values and attitude that make people effective at getting things done within that environment, together with the flexibility and availability we need to deliver against our customers' requirements. In our view, it is not just what you deliver, but also how you deliver it.

We therefore expect our associates to demonstrate and sign up to the values we have ourselves, and that our customers have come to expect from us. These include focused, driven and results oriented, honesty and integrity, culturally aware, courteous and respectful, collaborative, flexible and adaptable, professional, and creative and resourceful.

Our Assessment Process

We evaluate potential associates through a series of rigorous selection processes that include a detailed registration form, CV and Personal Statement, concluding with an assessment day which features an individual presentation, a structured interview and a group activity. On the day candidates are therefore observed working both in groups and individually, and what we're looking for are people who can combine not just experience and expertise but also the personal skills, values and interpersonal skills that we think are necessary to be effective in the environment in which we operate.

Matching our Values

We have a lot of people who approach us interested in working with Enable East, but what we are really looking for are people who are real doers, who can help us deliver the objectives that our customers come looking to Enable East for to help them make improvements actually happen.

It's really important to us at Enable East that we are able to respond to our customers' needs, and so we often require associates to offer some flexibility in terms of the location in which the services are delivered, and also the flexibility they can offer in terms of time needed to deliver on an assignment.

Ways of Working

Most assignments usually require a commitment of somewhere between three and five days a week. Very rarely do we have the sort of work available to our associates that only requires a single or odd day.

We offer very competitive rates to our customers and so we also look to offer competitive but fair rates to our associates as well. We have an associates' handbook and an associate's charter that set out our requirements and our expectations in terms of how associates will work with us and how we will work with them. These include matters such as conduct and how associates interact with the Enable East team, but also how they should deliver projects and services out to our customers in the field as well.

Contact us to find out more

The starting point in becoming an Enable East associate is to contact our Business Support Team. They can send you one of our electronic registration forms. This asks for a wide variety of information and requires you to demonstrate through some narrative information how it is that you have the skills and expertise to deliver in particular areas of service that we offer, for example training or project management. If you want to know more you can contact our Business Support Team directly at our office in Colchester by calling 01206 228622.

Enable East has given consideration to whether the Agency Worker Regulations apply to our services to customers. However, we believe the Regulations are clearly not intended to apply to contracting and/or sub-contracting of project and programme management services of the type undertaken by Enable East. The Government's guidance on the Regulations is clear that they do not apply to arrangements in which the relationship between parties is that of client or customer of a profession or business undertaking, which we believe is the relationship between our clients and Enable East and its Associates.

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